change order analysis

Change Order Analysis:

Change Order Analysis. EMA can provide construction modification order analysis to our clients. We provide construction investigationchange order services to architects, engineers, contractors and other clients for projects with delay or material claims. We duly perform change orders analysis submitted by contractors on the projects. EMA:

Reviews and advise owners on submitted change orders.

Negotiate change orders analysis for either party. We know the “other guy’s” tricks and techniques.

Train your staff in preventing change orders where possible for performing change order analysis.

Train your staff in documenting and pricing change orders analysis. Anyone can be trained to use our simple log and letter system.

Perform all of these services on an hourly, lump sum, partial contingency or monthly retainer basis.

EMA uses state of the arts material prices while reviewing any change order analysis, using standard MEANS and other costs.

We also perform claims construction change order analysis on a continuing basis to contractors, architects, other engineering firms for any type of construction projects Structural Forensic Engineers5937_profile.aspx

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