building infrared inspections

Building  infrared inspections

Do you know where cold winds and air leakage come from?

Building infrared inspections can reduce your total energy usage and lower utility bills, the knowledge of knowing what the problem is! Winter or summer, knowing where the sources of energy loss are is the first step to reducing energy costs. Missing insulation and drafts are the main sources of discomfort; Infrared Thermography can identify the location of both of these sources.

Don’t Waste Money By Guessing

You need information, an Infrared Building Inspections are your roadmap to finding energy loss problems!  Call us at 321-355-6052 and we’ll show where you are missing insulation and where the drafts are coming from.

We leave this picture up year round not only because it’s an amazing shot of what an ice dam looks like, but because it reminds us that the energy loss which cause ice dams to form in winter are the same problems which increase summer cooling costs, poor insulation and air leaks.

Infrared Building Envelope inspections on commercial and residential structures find the exact locations of missing insulation and air infiltration. There is no other way to accomplish this as effectively and easily as an Infrared inspection.

building infrared inspections•  Nuclear moisture testing
ema building inrared inspections
Building infrared Inspections
building Infrared inspections Pinpoints and Documents Areas of Wet Insulation in Flat Roofs and wetness in the building envelope
Saves Thousands of Dollars on Roof Repair, energy costs and Replacement Costs
Reduces Risk of Structural Damage and Failure of Your New Roof
Targets Leaking/Wet Roof Areas – Stretches Roof Maintenance Dollars
Building Infrared Inspection Saves Money – Wet Roofing Insulation Wastes Energy
Identifies Small Roof Problems Before They Become Bigger & More Costly
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EMA roof infrared inspections
ema building infrared inspections
Walls infrared inspections

building infrared inspections
Building infrared inspections tampa
Building Infrared Inspections performed by structural engineers performed roof and building inspections and nuclear testing can target problem roof areas to help save big money on roof repair or replacement. Call  today for a free quote for nondestructive Thermal testing of your roof. Structural Forensic Engineers5937_profile.aspx

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